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Known only to the local junkers and pirates as 'The Facility', this colossal wreck drifts listlessly through space - its original inhabitants long since fled, and its intended purpose expunged from the universal records. Within, bullet casings litter the floor, glinting in the flickering glow of slowly depleting emergency lights. Whatever the Facility's original purpose was, it now only plays host to gunfighters, smugglers and bandits.


The Facility is the perfect setting for your skirmish miniatures wargames. Play on a hive city or a lost space shipwreck. Use the corridor boxes to connect larger modules and then flip the boxes over to battle inside using the 1" grid for movement. Try combining it all with your existing gothic plastic pipes, crates and objective markers!


Tenfold Dungeon is the solution for compact and affordable tabletop terrain to use with any dungeon-crawling board games, RPGs and wargames, all made from the box it comes in. The TFD system provides a fully immersive, right-out-the-box 3D setting for your D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder and many other RPG games.


With amazingly detailed art printed in every box (inside and out), and a 1" x 1" grids discreetly layered into the environment, Tenfold Dungeon provides a high-quality, atmospheric play space for all your tabletop needs. Bring Dungeon Saga or Star Saga to the next level and if you are a nostalgic, what about a game of Space Crusade or Hero Quest in full 3D?


And if you are into miniatures wargaming, use TFD to create  your buildings, ramparts and gangways for your favourite skirmish fantasy, gothic and high-tech tabletop games. With its compact, lightweight design and inside-the-box capacity, it's never been easier to take your high-octane adventures with you - wherever you go. Pack your rules, your minis and your dice inside the very boxes that will turn into your 3D scenery!


This set includes:


   -12 Richly illustrated rooms (with full grids on both sides)

   -12 Bulkhead hatch clips

   -24 Interchangeable double-sided panels

   -6 Secure Module Clips

   -10 Barricades

Code EAN13 9782864973423
Genre Litterature - BD - BD Aventure
Date de parution 24/10/2019
Support Relié
Description du format Version Papier
Poids 380 g
Hauteur 294 mm
Largeur 228 mm
Épaisseur 8 mm
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